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The JOURNAL of COACHING ETHICS (JoCE) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal, committed to fostering ethical discourse within coaching practice, supervision, research and the coaching profession. The JoCE is also interested in the development of coaching, ethical theory and philosophy and how it applies to coaching practice.

This international peer-reviewed journal focuses more broadly on the ethics of coaching practice and professional behaviour within the profession. 

JoCE is relevant to academics, coaches of all theoretical persuasions and focus (e.g. C-Suite, life coaches, executive coaches, internal coaches, positive psychology coaching coaches, health coaches, coach supervisors, coaching bodies) and professionals in organisations.


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Vol. 1 No. 8 (2024): Power, Gender, Leadership, and Change: Ethical Implications for Coaching
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Presented at Ethics the Heart of Coaching: Expanding the Boundaries of Ethical Thinking & Practice

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8 & 9 December, 2023


Abstract: This paper offers an exploration of the ethical implications surrounding power, gender, leadership, and change in leadership and coaching. This exploration delves into the dynamics of oppressive power structures with a specific focus on gender dynamics and their profound impact on our personal and professional lives. Through the lens of Shoukry’s Emancipatory Coaching framework (2016), we offer a strategy that can enable coaches to inspire transformative change within themselves and for their clients in the spirit of creating inclusive, safe, and equitable environments. The goal is to incite dialogue and reflection around what it means to shape a renewed commitment and approach to coaching in the context of today’s social challenges in a way that also drives positive social change.

Published: 2024-06-01

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